Raystar is ized as Shanghai Little Giant Cultivation Enterprise

ized by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission

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Deeply specialized in clock IC field for more than 20 years

We provide innovative and efficient product design

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8 series & more than 100 models

To fullfill all your needs of various fields

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Our Products

We have focused on the design & development & sales of high-performance IC, and provided innovative application solutions for many industries.

Crystal Oscillator

RST & Voltage Detector

Real Time Clock

Clock Buffer

Clock Generator

Level Shifter

OP Amplifier




For technical support related requirements (assessment report, quality system certification document, MSDS report, application note, etc.), please contact us via below email:


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We'll provide 1 on 1 exclusive services


Raystar Microelectronics

Shanghai Ruixing Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise specializing in high-performance clock product chip design, has been deeply involved in the field of clock chips for more than 11 years. It was established in May 2011 and has R&D centers in Shanghai and Yangzhou respectively. Among them, the core R&D team has nearly 20 years of IC design experience in the clock field, with profound IP accumulation. The company's products have been certified by domestic and foreign customers and put into use in large quantities, with a sound management and supply chain system. In the market, in the face of competitive enterprises such as Japan and the United States, we broke the foreign technical barriers, filled the technical gap in the domestic clock field, and realized the localization of key components of 5G communication clock.

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